grader cutting edges

We take pride in crafting versatile grader edges designed to meet the stringent specifications set by industry standards and manufacturers alike.  Our edges come in various styles catering to site specific needs across a wide range of graders.


  • Choose from our extensive selection, including furnace heat-treated clean skin options through to Cobalt Carbide enhanced edges for extreme abrasion resistance. Whether you require flat, curved, or serrated profiles, we have the solution for you.
  • For those seeking tailored solutions, our team of engineers collaborate closely to develop custom-made Australian grader blades, precisely engineered to match specific machines and operating conditions. This ensures not only enhanced operational efficiency but also prolonged service life, making every investment worthwhile. 

Grader Cutting Edges

Discover our high-quality grader cutting edges, available in four grades and three styles, providing you with options to suit your specific requirements:

  • Standard duty (Clean Skin)
  • Heavy Duty (Crush Carbide front, bottom, and rear bevel)
  • Extra Heavy Duty (Crush Carbide as per Heavy Duty with increased coverage on the rear side)
  • 24 Extreme – Game Changer – Contact us for more information

All our grader cutting edges are available in Flat, Curved, and Serrated styles, ensuring versatility and compatibility with various machinery. Each kit comes complete with hardware packaged in manual handling-friendly containers, along with hardware re-torque tags and specific torque specifications for the kit, simplifying installation and ensuring secure fittings.

Rest assured, our edges are corrosion-protected, eliminating the need to remove paint, and packaged with Silica Gel to remove moisture, preserving the integrity and quality of the product during transport and storage.

At National GET, we’re dedicated to providing unmatched quality and reliability in every product we offer. We assure maximum performance and longevity. For customers facing uncertainty regarding replacement part numbers, our GET Identification Service offers a convenient solution, simplifying the replacement process and ensuring precise fitment.

Our breakdown of Serrated vs Straight

Check out our article on LinkedIn that describes the key differences between serrated and straight flat cutting edges, helping you choose the best option for your needs. Welcome to National GET’s Grader Cutting Edges page, where we’ll guide you through these differences to ensure your machinery operates at peak performance while minimizing downtime and maintenance costs.

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