Loader Bucket Cutting Edge

National GET is your premier source for Loader Edge and Sole Board kits, designed to significantly enhance the performance and durability of your loaders. Here you’ll find detailed insights into our high-quality heat-treated Loader GET offerings, available in two distinct grades to suit diverse operational demands.

Introduction to Loader Bucket Cutting Edge (GET)

Recognising the essential role of robust loader components, National GET offers cutting edges and sole boards that excel in both functionality and longevity. These elements are crucial for maintaining efficient loader operations and are tailored to endure even the harshest environments.

Our Loader Cutting Edges and Sole Board Kits

Explore the specifications and benefits of our two grades of loader kits:

Standard Duty Cutting Edge or Sole Board Kits (Clean Skin)

Description: Ideal for everyday loading tasks where precision and durability are necessary but not extreme.

Features: These kits provide an excellent balance of durability and flexibility, suitable for standard operational conditions.

Extra Heavy Duty Cutting Edge or Sole Board Kits

Description: Engineered for severe conditions requiring the highest level of durability and wear resistance.

Features: Enhanced with Crush Carbide on critical wear surfaces including the top, front, and lower faces of the edges, and the lower face of the sole boards, ensuring superior toughness and extended life. 

Cutting Edge Specifications and Benefits

Heat Treatment

Each component is heat-treated to enhance hardness and strength, extending the operational life and resilience under tough conditions.

Customisation Options

Tailored solutions are available to perfectly align with your loaders' specific needs and environmental challenges.

Why Choose National GET for Your Loader bucket cutting edges?

Expertise in the Industry

With extensive experience in ground engaging tools, National GET delivers solutions that increase productivity and decrease maintenance costs for your loaders.

Commitment to Quality

Our loader GET kits are constructed using the highest quality materials and the latest technologies to ensure maximum reliability and effectiveness.

Support and Guidance

Our expert team is committed to providing full support, from product selection to installation, to ensure optimal performance and satisfaction.


Boost your loader operations with National GET’s advanced Loader Edge and Sole Board kits. Crafted for peak performance and supreme durability, our products enable your loaders to tackle any challenge, enhancing efficiency and minimizing downtime.

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